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Helene Gayle welcomes Generation’s impact update

July 22, 2015

Since its creation last year, McKinsey Social Initiative’s first area of work has been in addressing the global youth employment gap. Generation, a youth employment program which we have developed in partnership with a range of training providers, employers and donors, launched in Fall 2014 and has just published its first Impact Update.

Helene Gayle, CEO of McKinsey Social Initiative, commented: “It is wonderful to see the rapid progress that Generation has made. Building on McKinsey’s education to employment research, MSI has developed a new approach to employment training, which is already being tested in eight cities in five countries across the world. Generation is helping young people to secure jobs, which in turn helps them to build fulfilling and independent lives.”

Generation Cities 2015

In the United States, 93% of Generation graduates have passed the certification exam for the certified nursing assistant role, far surpassing the 50% national average pass rate—and approximately 85% of graduates have been placed into quality healthcare jobs within one month of passing their exam.

Ninety percent of our first Generation Spain classes have jobs and continue to be employed six months after graduation.

Generation Kenya’s first class of students already had 98% placement in financial services sales jobs by graduation date. Our bank employment partners typically only accept university degrees and even then only ten percent of candidates whom they interview. However, they accepted 80% of our Generation Kenya students, all of whom have only secondary school degrees.

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